Courageous Transitions and coaching

I speak to all who are stuck, to those who don't see the possibilities before them.

I speak to those who are ready for breakthrough and don't know where to start.

I speak this truth because I have lived this truth. And today, I am proud to say that I choose to take risks, I choose to believe that I am enough and from that place, I am able to listen, encourage, and provide strategies and practices that will help you transition from where you are to where you want to be.

So, what is the transition you are facing? Together we can be courageous and step into that place of abundance and new possibilities.


Transitioning from the Military to Civilian Life

I have a heart for veterans.

Leaving the military to enter civilian life can be an intense adjustment. After spending 24 years in the Army, I have experienced first-hand what this is like.

As a veteran, you have a leadership foundation that is critical and in high demand. veterans have unequaled work ethic, standards and character. 

Hire me to help you:

  • Adjust to a new culture

  • Find a new community of support in biz and life

  • Create a path forward in your new civilian life

  • Translate your unique military skillset into a marketable resume

  • Explore all benefits available to you (including access to Veterans Affairs and other benefits)

Veterans receive a 20% discount on transition consulting and group rates are available for 3 or more people.


Empowerment, personal spirituality, motivation, personal recollection and fun all come to mind when I think of Michelle and what she provided for AACN nurses in the Denver area . . . Michelle has made a difference in our lives!
— Sara Clark | Former President | Denver Chapter American Association of Critical Care Nurses